Disciples and the Victoria’s Secret Model

My daughter sent me a link to an article on BAYLORPROUD, a human interest news page covering activities of Baylor students and alumni, and supported by Baylor University.

The following story is a living example of how regular people, disciples of Jesus Christ, can make a difference. It also shows, by virtue of how quickly their You Tube video went “viral,” that the trend of desiring physical beauty over character has not completely overtaken our culture. (There is a link to the You Tube video at the end of this post.)

The title of the BaylorProud article and the first two paragraphs are as follows:


Student movement: ‘I’d rather have a Proverbs 31 woman than a Victoria’s Secret model’

A five-minute walk through your local mall will give you a good idea of what American culture values: Beauty. Comfort. Entertainment. Wealth. In answer to that, five Baylor students have boldly stepped forward to carry the banner of a different message, launching what is now known as the Live 31 Movement.

It all began just after Thanksgiving, when freshman Alex Eklund posted a simple Facebook status update: “I’d rather have a Proverbs 31 woman than a Victoria’s Secret model.” Several of his friends copied the message to their status, referring to the “wife of noble character” described in that book of the Bible, and from there the word began to spread.


I am not here to bash the Victoria’s Secret Models. Believe me, I am still a living, breathing male! And, the answer to the question – Can a women be beautiful physically and possess a Godly character? – is a loud YES.

But (can I say it) the curse of the beautiful woman has always been to try to avoid the inner pride and ego, and the temptation to use her beauty for manipulation, while trying to navigate the minefield of relationships with men driven by visual lust, to find a man who loves her for who she is. Go ahead, men, laugh at this, but you know you desire a wife committed to you and her family, rather than the one who is committed to the perplexing and impossible challenge to stay young. And the “woman of noble character,” (Proverbs 31) who is a servant of her Master. Jesus, is the ‘till death do us part’ lover and wife we really seek.

I know! I married one. And our two daughters “call her blessed.”

Link to Proverbs 31 Movement video:



Author: Sojourner

I am a slave of my Master, Jesus Christ, the living Son of God. Learner. Teacher. Writer. Sojourner.

6 thoughts on “Disciples and the Victoria’s Secret Model”

  1. Hello, Sir,
    Found you through Kate’s site, “Believe, Anyway”, and have enjoyed every second spent here. So glad to find a Proverbs 31 Believer, even in the male world. I am also glad for your clear writing ability, which leaves a bit of thinking to the reader, as if we can think.
    I am sorry that although you have received a few comments, none appeared for this post. How nice if it, also, could go viral! However, it remains for us who’ve been blogging a while to introduce you to our own commenter, which I shall do soon, maybe today or tomorrow. All this gold should not languish here in a treasure chest, undiscovered.
    May your day be blessed, along with that of your good wife and wise daughters. 🙂

    1. Well, thank you ma’am. I am truly humbled by your perceptions of these works, thus far. Thank you for reading and perusing the site. I believe my calling is to the Church, to call us back to full surrender to our Master. God gives me these little ideas – and I assume He expects me to take off and let Him write them through me. Anyway, that’s what has happened along the way. So I finally agreed to do a blog. It was one of those Nike moments. Pray and cogitate about it? No – Just Do It!

      Someday I think He will release me to write about what He has done with us over the past 12 years. His school is much tougher than anything else I’ve encountered.

      Again, thank you for your words of encouragement and for introducing me to some of your blogging community.

      In His strength,

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