Open Letter to Mr. Rich Stearns, World Vision

Mr. Rich Stearns, President                                                                                       31 August 2016

World Vision

P. O. Box 70399

Tacoma, WA   98481-0399

Dear Mr. Stearns:

This letter is to regretfully inform you of our decision to eliminate our financial support for World Vision. Our real regret is for Nazzy Lungu, (ID/Pledge Number  ___), the young lady in rural Zambia we have been supporting since 2006.

My wife and I watched with sorrow as the you and the WV leadership took a stand in favor of non-biblical marriage, contrary to the very clear presentation of God that marriage is between one man (physiologically born male) and one woman (physiologically born female). You disingenuously backed off of that position when a large number of Christians threatened to drop their support. Our younger daughter made that move, withdrawing her support of the girl she had been supporting for nearly 10 years. We decided to maintain our support of our child, for Nazzy’s sake. However, it was obvious your theological position was set in stone, even though you backed away from its implementation.

This most recent problem brought to the forefront your apparent support of a two-state land grab in Israel. Your people supposedly did not know the person you hired to oversee the WV funds was 1) not a Christian, 2) had a background with the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Palestinian groups, and 3) was recruited to infiltrate World Vision. That level of incompetence does not speak well of your organization. After that, when informed by the Israeli government of the fact that your representative was funneling WV money into the radical jihadist organizations, you chose to ignore the problem (and probably aided in the deaths of numerous Israelis and Palestinians).

After a little digging, it became clear to us that you hold a favorable view to Replacement Theology; a spiritually dangerous position and an idea that cannot be supported by Scripture (ref. News Article). And you are allowing that position to direct your decisions with regard to your relationship (or lack thereof) with Israel.

You are using the hundreds of millions of dollars given to support children and whole villages around the world to advance your hidden theological and political agenda. How does that set with your Mission Statement and Corporate Charter?

It is for these reasons we are withdrawing our support for World Vision. Please close our account and remove us from your mailing list.



Author: Sojourner

I am a slave of my Master, Jesus Christ, the living Son of God. Learner. Teacher. Writer. Sojourner.

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