Have Yourself a Merry . . .!

As I write this I realize some of you around the world are already celebrating Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas to you one and all!!!

It seems to me that this time of the year, with the (North American)Thanksgiving days, Christmas and New Year falling within such a short span, most people in the “so-called” Western nations are completely overrun with a sense of holiday, time-off from work, consumerism, food, parties and family get-togethers. All good stuff, we would all agree. Try as we may, even Christians find it difficult to focus on the true reason the Christmas day is set aside.

From the very beginning, when God delivered the people of Israel out of bondage in Egypt, He has told us to remember those special times He has performed miracles. However, the early followers of The Way did not celebrate the birth of Jesus. The time of the celebration of the birth of Jesus was set aside as a festival by the Roman government many years after the first century. Even so, it is a good thing to celebrate this particular BIRTHDAY.

Clearly that virgin birth of Jesus, which ultimately fulfilled over 90 (ninety) prophecies dating back over 1500 years, is one of the most significant events between God and His Creation since the beginning. It is inexplicable in human reasoning – which, of course, is one of the definitions of a miracle. But it has become even more of a “lightening rod” because of the debates surrounding abortion.

If God can enter into the womb of a virgin girl, to impregnate her egg, and create the human life of the Son of God, then . . . is He involved in the creation of life in every womb of every mother in the world? All life is created by God.

So much of the focus of the various religious Christmas celebrations is the birth. And well it should be. However, the pregnancy, albeit covered through the traditional Scripture readings, is just not normally discussed. It is not an easy topic for children, and, in the past, it was not considered proper to discuss conception (or the process thereof) in mixed company.

But take a look at the angel’s answer to Mary as transcribed by the physician Luke in the Bible.

“How will this be,” Mary asked the angel, “since I am a virgin?” The angel answered, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the holy one to be born will be called the Son of God. Luke 1:34-35

The power of God Himself impregnated her.

Today, with the discovery of the DNA chain, it is beyond me that anyone of sound mind could choose to believe that life does not begin at conception. The scientific (and logical reasoning) community must hang their brain at the lab door as they go out into the world, to accept the argument that the beginning of life is an unknown. It is the most absurd contradiction I can think of!

Because the social pressure to allow the murder of a precious life in the womb (what should be the safest place in all creation for a tiny baby) has hit the entire world like a tsunami, even the Church is divided. But, in the eyes of the Almighty Creator of life, abortion is never acceptable. No matter how a child is conceived, no matter who the father or mother is, no matter our flimsy predictions regarding the child’s health and future, no human being has the right to end that innocent life. And that is God’s truth – regardless of the laws of human government.

So, as you celebrate the Christmas season, perhaps you would ponder the wonder of the conception of the Christ child, the One sent from God to save all mankind.